Whats happening in 2021?

There are potential things happening in 2021, I don't have many specific dates yet but I hope to be able to update this list in a positive way. Please contact me for more information.

Jane & Dylan Bowen. Oxford Artweeks. This is an Open studio event. 1 - 9th of May, 11-6pm daily. We will have work out in the garden so all Government guidelines will be met.

We have a couple of tents/gazebos but Im sure it will be sunny all week. Hope you can make it 

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Assembled Shapes

15 images

Assembled Forms

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Monsters, Ghosts and Skulls

17 images

New Work 2020 Work for sale via Cambridge Ceramics Website Now Live

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Bottles (Archive)

11 images

Cut and Carved Forms (Archive)

18 images

Making Histories, New responses to the Ceramics Collection 2020

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